Washo Metal Crafts


Washo Metal Crafts are masters of metal spinning, where a metal sheet or tube is spun on a lathe and pressed into shape with a metal rod. Here, skilled craftsman achieve a level of precision unrivaled by other techniques. Washo Metal Crafts has pursued this technique for over 50 years, and can meet needs other companies can't in creating new commercial products. This skill was even recognized on NHK's Sugowaza program. Common product orders include airplane parts, medical equipment, lighting and more, and recently it has received orders for cat beds. The curve of its products fit cat bodies perfectly, making them very popular.

Factory / Plant Tour
The workshop is on the 2nd floor of the company building. The tour begins with an explanation of metal spinning and the company. Then, visitors will get a change to try metal spinning for themselves. Each person will get 5 minutes to try, so be sure to give it a go! Time is limited—hesitate and you may miss your chance. Don’t waste this truly rare opportunity! The tour will end with a talk from the president, a deeply skilled craftsman.

5-6-26 Ohasuminami, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 577-0065 Japan