Shigehara Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Shigehara produces parts for car and motorcycle engines and transmissions. It has the technology to mill a part from a single lump of metal based on 3D models. The company’s strength is its ability to manufacture one-off pieces with short lead times since there is no need for molds. It specializes in taking on prototype pieces and small part lots. Customers know they are getting higher-value solutions for their money, backed by Shigehara’s unrivalled technological capabilities. It is no wonder Shigehara is attracting attention as a model of the future of craftsmanship. Currently, the company is focusing its strength on developing multi-stage reduction gears for electric cars, and its own experimental car won the All Japan EV -GP Series. And since Shigehara provides racing parts to major auto-makers as well, its technological capabilities are in demand.

Factory / Plant Tour

  • Max. Group Size: 20 people
  • Tour Duration: 60 minutes

5-2-7 Higashikonoike-cho, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 578-0973 Japan