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Come explore the true heart of craftsmanship!

Business outline

Passing the flame of passion for craftsmanship to a new generation

The Kawachiimoji trade group tradition of metal shaping, which made the Daibutsu of Todaiji Temple, is still handed down in Higashiosaka. Now, the city is garnering world-wide attention as home to market-leading companies in a variety of fields, as well as some developing truly unique products and techniques. Higashiosaka is progressing into the future too, with the launch of the "Made in Higashiosaka" satellite Maido No.1 and enterprises focusing on nanotechnology, while still preserving those old metal-working traditions.

The benefits of our tours are two-fold. Not only does touring local factories offer people a chance to learn about the true roots of craftsmanship, but it also encourages the local industry to take pride in its work and maintain its environment accordingly. After all, local craftsmanship is about people, and people are not just “residents”—they are the true value of the community. As such, our tours are popular not only with students, but also among the broader community, for whom these tours are a vehicle for rediscovering their passion for true craftsmanship.

We're also working on taking advantage of existing local resources to create more fans of Higashiosaka with a new kind of craftsmanship tourism!


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Advance Study Materials

img01 These will offer basic information on Higashiosaka and the planned course, profiles of the executives to be met, and more, as well as an introduction to the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association (OCTPA), which will be guiding the tours, to prepare visitors and to help generate interest and excitement.
Study Materials Outline (Sample)

  • Introduction to host organization, Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association
  • Simple history and outline of Higashiosaka
  • Introduction to enterprises and CEOs to be visited
  • Things to consider in advance, course-specific questions, etc.

*After reading, please decide which of your groups will take which course.
*Distributed approx. 1 month before day of event.

Arrival on-site, briefing

img02 The OCTPA will brief all members based on the advance study materials They will also confirm caution points when visiting the businesses.

Factory Tour (Activity)

img03 Each group will tour its destinations and factories. On-site experts will explain the importance of things like safety management, quality control, and proper cleaning and organization, as well as environmental care, contribution to society, and of course high-level technological capability and world-leading craftsmanship skills.

Some factories will have activity areas set up as well. There are simulated activities, but some locations will offer the chance for actual production work. The main goal is to give participants a chance to see where craftsmanship happens to help them understand the atmosphere, the hard work, and the noise of the workshops, through direct experience. Naturally, feel free to ask questions while there. Everyone is happy to answer.

Reception and mechanism


A unique feature of the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism program is that participants can visit SMEs and factories to observe and experience their work on-site. Since this program is only possible with cooperation from the factories and enterprises, the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association (OCTPA) will arrange the schedule and locations so as to achieve a mutually agreeable fit between participants’ preferences and the convenience of the factories and businesses. Unlike most sightseeing courses, the final decision regarding course and itinerary is made by us. For that reason, providing the details and characteristics of your group, your plans before and after participating in our tours, and your reason for participating in our program, better enables us to create an itinerary that suits your needs.




Registration or requests for the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism programs introduced on this website, or for lecturers, can be done by e-mail or fax. Please check the procedure below before contacting us. For inquiries regarding this website or the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism Promotion Association, please contact us through the Inquiry & Contact page. We also welcome inquiries from businesses or organizations interested in participating in or hosting these tours and activities. Conditions for use of the Osaka Craftsmanship Tourism program are here.

Register by e-mail

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